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Your gracious DM has been slaving away night and day over a smudged notepad to bring you a brand new and expanded world, with more adventure, treasure and hilarious bullshit than ever before! Prepare to step off the railroad and beat it cross country as I allow the plot to respond to your character's actions! But be wary – the Heroes of Caer may be about to find out that they cannot be big fish in a small pond forever…


The Heroes of Caer

A ragtag band of six adventurers, thrown together by chance and a rehabilitation-oriented penal system overcame the odds and saved the Town of Caer – and indeed the whole world – from a malevolent evil that threatened to turn the very trees of the forest against mankind. They are:


A half-elf cleric of Ehlonna, the Goddess of Nature and Healing, with a troubled childhood and little patience for nonsense… that isn't her own, at least. A infamous terror with a crossbow, although generally to those standing 10 feet to either side of her intended target. Technically a royal bastard, making her 237th in line to the throne of Tigrove. Given that the current ruler is around 700 years old, don't hold your breath.


A half-orc barbarian suffering from a case of percussion-induced amnesia. Notable for being a woman of little words and big weapons. Prone to sparking, in the most literal sense. Barbara appears to have been some sort of pirate in her past life, but she has only an encrypted note and a jumble of confusing memories to tie her to her old life.


A former detective in the civil police force in Bryden, trained in ancient methods of unarmed, elemental combat recently rediscovered by the Farmhands. Think Jackie Chan in Rush Hour mixed with Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Little escapes his notice, and even less escapes his fists, which have an odd knack of catching on fire. Notable for merrily punching his way through a reanimated minotaur skeleton without a care in the world.


An enigmatic mage who turned up in the middle of the swampland near the Witches' Hut in the Forest of Caer, claiming to have been sent on a mission by a higher power. He has a pet owl, so it seems legit. A former slave to an orc clan, he is a skilled leatherworker and has a knack for languages. Enjoys relaxed strolls through the woods and blasting dragons out of the sky with beams of weird energy.


An eccentric dragonborn sorceror, borne of a long-established line of dragonborn sorcerors… except he's the wrong type. Has a tendency to self-immolate when he gets angry. Or excited. Or when he gets bored. A natural inquisitive, he has a tendency to phrase statements as questions. Currently dispatched by his elders in search of a vague but super important something. He's not sure what it is, but he'll know when he sees it!

Songs of the Holy Choir

A kenku (crow person) cleric of Helios, the Lord of Sunlight, Righteous Justice and about 20% of Whatever Gold You Have On You, Thank You Very Much. Like all kenku, he speaks like this. Although outwardly devout, deep down he wonders how much of his supposed faith is also simple mimicry. Fortunately Helios doesn't seem to know the difference and keeps the divine firepower coming.


Bonus Material!

Because this entire setting is a hodge-podge of my own ideas and standard high-fantasy conventions, I like mixing in new stuff that isn't necessarily sanctioned by the official D&D 5E rules. Officially published Unearthed Arcana is normally a good shout for inclusion – we're already using the Revised Ranger, Sorceror Archetypes, Barbarian Archetypes and expanded Warlock Eldritch invocations. We're also using this version of the Monk Way of Four Elements archetype.

In addition, I have most of the official sourcebooks in some form or another, as well as a crapload of stuff from Kobold Press and Frog God Games that I've only just begun to sift through. Really, give me fair warning and I can implement pretty much anything you'd like to see in the game.

Also, centaurs don't have genitals.

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