The Forest of Caer

About Your "Doggy Problem"...

Session 2 - 07/06/17

"Wait a minute. Werewolves like meat." — Salazar (probably)

In which our brave heroes get to know the good citizens of Caer while hunting for a werewolf in their midst; the werewolf is slain in its lair; and the fate of one of our heroes hangs precariously in the balance.

Arriving in Caer somewhat scathed from their battle with the goblins the previous night, the party nevertheless made no delay in proceeding with their quest (with the exception of Barbara, who has retired to the infirmary for some much needed rest) and made enquiries as to the location of Graz the Ravager, the leader of the goblin raids. They discovered that some days previous a paladin and a monk had visited the town and volunteered to do the same job: they had not been seen since, but given the extent of Caer's troubles this was not believed to be a reason for any alarm.

Instead the party was offered a secretive mission by the mayor (Ben Fogarty): discover the identity of a werewolf who had been attacking folks in the town recently and kill them, before the rest of the townsfolk discovered that a monster was in the town itself and begin to panic. All that was known was that the murders started two days ago and that all the victims had been young – the oldest was 23 and the youngest was 4.

A lengthy investigation followed the next day: silver for weapons was obtained from the rector (Jotun), the weapons themselves were prepared by the blacksmith (Reg "Three-shoes"), who also ran the militia and volunteered some runners. A wolfsbane potion was prepared by Craig, the town's herbalist. An inspection of the murder scenes (and a tactful interrogation of two of the victims' mother) revealed clues as to the identity of the werewolf: he had striking blond hair and lived somewhere on the west of the town. Further evidence implied that the werewolf was none other than Jeremy, the town's schoolmaster!

Armed with knowledge (and silver, and wolfsbane) our heroes sought out the beast in its lair, slaying it in a ferocious battle. Unfortunately they are now left with more questions than answers: how did Jeremy become cursed? What strange magic allowed him to change independent of the phase of the moon, seemingly at will? Most importantly, Aliah was bitten: will the curse be passed on?



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