The Druid of the Forest


Latro is the resident druid of the Forest of Caer. Some 350 years old, he was born to a semi-nomadic Wood Elf community in the depths of the Forest and trained there as a druid. He spent much time travelling in his youth, visiting many countries and learning the ways of nature spirits in different lands.

In his 230th year Latro’s mentor died, making him the Druid of the Forest and ending his wanderings. Shortly after his tribe relocated to the cold forests west of Greypeak, and he has not heard from them in many years. He does not resent his role as Druid of the Forest, however, and acts as a mediator between the diverse beings that call the Forest their home, as well as a priest of the Old Faith to the few worshippers left in Caer.



The Forest of Caer Daocarro