The Forest of Caer

Up a Creek Without a Paddle

Session 3 - 14/6/17

"Child-murder Broadway play?" – Song of the Holy Choir

In which our brave adventurers receive the thanks of the townsfolk, meet a Paladin of Helios, bravely slay some sleeping goblins and explore a spoopy barrow.

After slaying the werewolf the day before, our heroes awoke to a great clamour in the town as Sam Havelock, brave Paladin of Helios, returned to the town from hunting the goblins. The omens were ill, however: he returned alone, and wounded. He was brought to the infirmary for respite, but refused healing from Aliah, claiming that his wounds would serve as a badge of shame for allowing himself to be overcome by his enemies. He instead chose to remain in Caer to protect the town and allow our heroes to finish his quest and save his companion, although not before giving them critical aid: first, he removed the (possible) lycantrophy curse on Aliah; second, he provided a map detailing the geography of the goblin lair and the movements of the patrols. The lair was in an abandoned barrow by the side of a lake, about a day into the forest.

Armed with knowledge and the certainty of not becoming a rabid beast, our heroes cashed in the favour of the Mayor to obtain a pair of rowboats (as well as a potion of climbing from the mayors' stash) in order to hasten their way to the barrow. Employing a novel strategy of stealth and wit they managed to sneak through the reeds on the lake shore and quickly incapacitate the goblins guarding the side entrance to the barrow, putting them in an enchanted sleep and hastily slitting their throats before anyone could see what happened.

Cautiously exploring the inside of the barrow proved to be profitable for the party, as they managed to delve into its heart while meeting minimal resistance. Along the way they discovered the bulk of the loot hoard: a bag of gold, a small purse of gems, a chest of silver and several sacks of copper coins, much of which lack distinguishing marks to identify themselves to their rightful owners (finders keepers right?). They also rescued three young women who were being kept as prisoners by the goblins, fighting a desperate battle with a pair of bugbears in the dark as they came to their aid. Now with the prisoners and loot in tow, our heroes simply need to rescue the monk and execute the leader of the goblins before returning home victorious.

Not too hard, right?



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