The Forest of Caer

Onwards to Glory!

Session 1 - 31/5/17

"I'm not shanking a child!" — Aliah

In which our heroes learn that justice is, well, not that just; that a hike through the countryside can create lasting memories; that you shouldn't trust strange children on ponies; that goblins are real dicks to have on camping trips.

After meeting in a tavern in the rough part of Bryden and promptly being arrested for their "involvement" in a bar brawl, the party was presented with a tough choice by the chief constable of the city: to assist the local town of Caer with their goblin issue, or to spend their sentence in the dungeon. Although there was some agonising over the decision, the party eventually decided unanimously to help Caer.

Taking no delays in leaving the city (except to attend a religious service and steal some apples), our heroes set off Northwards towards fame, fortune and being allowed back into Bryden. Passing through the idyllic countryside of scattered farmsteads and woodland took 4 days, with the evidence of large scale raiding (and indeed an element of occult involvement) increasing as the party drew nearer to Caer.

Notably, they were lured into an ambush by a young girl who claimed to have lost her parents. Short work was made of the bandits, but the true cost of the encounter was discovered later that night, when a large goblin raiding party chanced upon their camp. During a desperate battle in the dark it was discovered that the little buggers are hard to hit and Barbara took a significant beating, going unconscious twice during the battle. Songs of the Holy Choir eventually drove the foes away (although not single handedly) by imitating a pack of wolves and turning the goblins' wolves against them. A map was discovered on the corpse of one of the foes, indicating a meeting point in the forest.

After taking a well-deserved rest, the party encountered a group of militia from Caer the next day and gave them the map to the meeting point. Our heroes arrived into Caer itself that evening, ready to level up and embark on the next phase of their quest.



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