The Forest of Caer

Grab the Looty and Rescue the Booty

Session 4 - 21/6/17

"No, I'm good cop, you're bad cop and he's actual cop." — Song of the Holy Choir

In which our valiant heroes make a new, badass friend; kill a whole lot of green people; get loot; return in triumph and receive a just reward for their valiant efforts.

Returning to our adventure in the midst of a dungeon, our heroes suddenly found themselves revitalised with renewed vigour and power. A cautious approach to the next room they encountered revealed that some sort of interrogation was taking place and that they had not been invited. Seeking to remedy this situation with all haste, Barbara kicked in the door to reveal 3 hobgoblins clustered around a monk tied to a chair. A brief battle ensued (to the demise of the hobgoblins) and a subsequent scan of the room revealed plans, maps, letters and notes scattered around the room. Although some of the notes were intelligible, most were written in a crude goblin scrawl and needed to be interpreted later.

Their victory was short lived, however, as their entrance into the barrow had finally been discovered, and a patrol of goblins and bugbears descended upon them, barely giving them time to arrange a hasty (but effective) ambush. With no clue yet as to the final destination of the prisoners, our heroes set out in search of more green things to torture and/or kill.

When they discovered a minotaur skeleton reanimated by the power of a glowing gem in one of the rooms, a clever ploy by Aliah forced it into a corner where Randall quickly proved his worth to the group by punching it into so much bone dust. The garnet disintegrated when the skeleton was destroyed, but a search of the altar the skeleton had been resting upon revealed an enchanted dagger.

Discovering a trio of goblins playing cards in the barracks, Salazar put two to sleep as Randall restrained the third. This one was questioned by the party as Barbara realised she hadn't killed anything since lunchtime and took out her frustration on one of the sleeping goblins. It revealed that Grazz the Ravager was the leader of the goblinoid legion and that their presence in the area was as an outpost. It also revealed that members of a cult had been buying the prisoners and taking them deeper into the forest; always women, although of different races and statures.

With the loot and the captives safely recovered and the apparent head of the goblin operation removed, our heroes set out back to Caer, avoiding the external patrols by ferrying the group across to the far side of the lake. An uneventful trip home lead to a tearful father/daughter reunion, the receipt of lots of money and an intriguing mystery to unravel: the captives are clearly being sacrificed, but by whom and to what end? For good or for ill, the Old Faith is clearly involved somehow, but with Latro the Druid keeping a minimal presence in the town at the best of times tracking down the cultists could prove to be an arduous task… 



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