This is just a general list: not everything here is set in stone, and generally a cool enough exception will be allowed to break the rules.

Character Generation

  • As a general rule, the more unusual your character, the more roleplay and creativity I'll be expecting. While no one is going to look twice at the dwarf warrior, and the half-elf druid only gets a few curious looks, the tabaxi favoured-soul sorceror is going to attract an awful lot more attention.

    • This also applies to alignments. While this isn't a campaign with a fixed morality, the party must be able to work together to some degree. As long as we're playing through the written portion of the game I'll probably give each character a unique hook to make sure you have mutually beneficial goals.
  • The only characters I'm banning outright are Aarakocra and Mystics (although if anyone can comprehensively teach me the rules surrounding mystics I may roll back on that one).


The Forest of Caer Daocarro